Q: What is Tetrasterone?
A: Tetrasterone is a dietary supplement intended to increase the Testosterone and related hormones in males.

Q: Who is Tetrasterone for?
A: There are several types of users who can benefit from increased Testosterone levels:
Athletes, especially those doing sports like weight lifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting, martial arts but also most other sports
Males over 45 with decreasing natural Testosterone levels
Men of any age with Testosterone deficiency

Q: Who should not use Tetrasterone?
A: Tetrasterone has been designed for men. Almost all the research behind this supplement has been done on men. Therefore we do not recommend Tetrasterone for women. Not that there is a known side effect but there is little research of how the individual ingredients and their combinations act in women.

Also, people with allergies on any ingredient of Tetrasterone should avoid the supplement and so should pregnant or lactating women, children and teenagers under 18 of both sexes.

Persons with serious health problems (including but not limited to diabetes mellitus, cancer, heart disease) should consult their physician or health practitioner before using Tetrasterone.

Q: How can I be sure Tetrasterone works?
A: There are several layers of scientific research behind Tetrasterone:
Primary research concerning all the ingredients
Research and empirical evidence behind combining of ingredients
Testing of supplement and collecting test results and individual testimonies

A regularly updated list of scientific trials is available at http://tetrasterone.com/research/

Having said that, no supplement or even medical drug offers 100% guarantee of action. Human body is a sophisticated system and each person reacts differently. What works for 70% of us may not work well for another 20% and not at all for 10% others.

Specific effects of Tetrasterone are described here: http://tetrasterone.com/effects/

Q: How do I know this is not a scam?
A: This is certainly a valid question especially considering how many dishonest companies and individuals are active in nutraceutical market. To be able to distinguish between a legitimate product and a scam you need to know a few tricks producers are using:
Unsubstantiated claims concerning product (ingredient) effects: you need to see scientific proof that the ingredient really works as stated. A study published in a serious periodical is necessary. Studies paid by the producers, published in unknown or second-class periodicals or inconclusive studies do not count. If there is only one study about the effects of certain active ingredient, be cautious.
Not using the right dosage. This is very important. Some active substance may be tested effective in certain dosage but then a product contains much smaller dose of that ingredient. Usually, such products have no effects.
Product doesn’t contain the ingredients that producer claims it contains. This is more common with rare and expensive herbal extracts. One such commonly faked extract is that of Eurycoma longifolia plant, an important ingredient in Tetrasterone.

How we address those issues: We only use substances with persuasive scientific evidence of claimed effects. We publish a list of published studies with direct links to make it easier for our customers to do their own research. Tetrasterone contains active substances in amounts that were used in testing. In case of herbs, traditional use is also an important reference. Commonly faked ingredients are tested in EU-certified German laboratory, every batch separately. We are using a 3-layered, sophisticated system to prevent counterfeiting of Tetrasterone. And we encourage independent, third party testing of our products.

Q: Is Tetrasterone legal?
A: Yes. Tetrasterone doesn’t contain any scheduled or prohibited substance. Tetrasterone is a hormonal stimulator, not a hormone or hormone-related substance.

Q: What are the side-effects of Tetrasterone?
A: If you belong to the target group (healthy male over 18 years) and do not overdose the only side effects of Tetrasterone should be positive ( http://tetrasterone.com/health-benefits/ ).
Of course, some people may negatively respond to common vitamins or, say, broccoli. If you experience any adverse reaction, stop using Tetrasterone and consult your physician.

Q: Can I increase the dose to improve effects of Tetrasterone?
A: The short answer is no. Increasing the dosage of various Tetrasterone ingredients didn’t lead to stronger effects in clinical tests. And as with almost every substance, serious overdose may lead to health problems. Having said that, some people may be less sensitive to certain substances and may require higher dosage. If you choose to experiment with higher doses, do it sensibly and only increase the dose marginally (adding one capsule a day may help some people but adding 5 will probably do more harm than good). Read the disclaimer here.